Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kyle's Pre-K Graduation - May 30, 2009

Kyle's Pre-K Graduation was an extravaganza! Ms. Michelle puts on quite a show!
Here is the star lineup:Haley,Katelyn, Jaida, Rexi, Isaac, Cory, Porter & Kyle

They did lots of singing, complete with hand motions and tons of great expression. I've never seen Kyle "ham it up" in front of a group of people before. He usually saves it all up for home. Aunt Cari was shocked. It was quite funny.

Kyle worked really hard at memorizing his part. He did a fantastic job.

There was even dancing...

Kyle received an award for "Best Reader." I think Ms. Michelle just couldn't think of another award for him because that was quite a stretch. But he is getting the hang of it. I thought he was going to get a math award because he loves to do math. Just shows you how much I know.

I even got a graduation award for not having any more children who will go to preschool. That made me want to cry. My baby isn't a baby any more. He's all grown up and going to Kindergarten in the fall. Time passes far too quickly.

There were even olympic games to play and the passing of the torch.

It was such a blessing to have Kyle in the care of his wonderful teacher, Ms. Michelle! He grew by leaps and bounds and had so much fun building great friendships through out the year. He is definately prepared for Kindegarten.

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